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The Tale of Starting School

The Tale of Starting School Book
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Which pics will I need... 'The Tale of Me & The New Baby'

Which pics will I need... 'The Tale of Me & The New Baby'

To make it even easier to complete your copy of ‘The Tale of Me & The New Baby,’ we have put together a list of the photographs you’ll need to fill it in!

Click Here to Download a copy of the list to print. 

Photographs You Will Need:

  • 1 x Big brother/sister-to-be
  • 5 spaces for family pictures
  • 1 x Pregnant Mummy
  • 1 x The Bump
  • 1 x The Midwife
  • 1 x New Baby Sonogram
  • 1 x Big brother/sister-to-be’s sonogram
  • 1 x Family Home
  • 1 x Where the new baby will sleep
  • 1 x Big brother/sister-to-be sleeping as a baby
  • 2 x Baby Toys
  • 1 x Big brother/sister-to-be drinking milk as a baby
  • 1 x Changing Area
  • 6 spaces for the amazing things big brother/sister-to-be can teach the new baby
  • 5 spaces of siblings the big brother/sister-to-be knows
  • 3 spaces of where the big brother/sister-to-be might be on the day the baby arrives
  • 1 x gift chosen for the new baby


Please remember, ‘The Tale of Me & The New Baby,’ is a personalised Tale so that it helps each individual child. Therefore, there is no right or wrong way to complete it- use it to help your child prepare for their unique adventure.

*To respect other’s privacy, please ensure that you have permission to take photographs. Please also ensure that you have permission for any other children to be in photographs too.

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