About the Tales of Me Books

‘Books for BIG Adventures’

The Tales of Me books have been created to help children and parents turn the big adventures in life into personalised tales. Through the power of personalisation, our Tales place your child at the centre of their book making the story easy to relate to and easier to learn from as they instantly see how the changes will affect their world. 
There is often a long time between finding out a big change is going to happen until the time when it actually takes place. For example being told they'll be starting school or they're going to be an older sibling. Personalising one of our Tales with photographs & frequently reading through their finished adventure, creates an opportunity for children to use this time to discuss what is happening. It allows them to express any worries they may have or ask any questions during the build up to the event and of course... time to get excited!!!

"Tell me & I will forget. Teach me & I may remember. Involve me & I will learn."

Benjamin Franklin

Tales of Me books have been thoughtfully designed to engage all types of learning & communication styles so that all children will enjoy them. Actively taking photographs and sticking them in, filling in the blank spaces with writing or colouring, naturally inspires conversation through both the content of the books and the unique and beautiful designs and illustrations.

The books are eye-catching as well as durable so that once completed they can be read as often as children choose to read them, and become a treasured memory of an important milestone to keep forever.

Where did the idea come from?

To help her daughter Teddie settle in at nursery, Natalie drew upon an idea she had used as a teacher to help Reception children settle in to their first year at school. She made a book to help Teddie familiarise herself with her new nursery environment, new routines, and the new people around her. Together they read the finished book every night before nursery and whenever Teddie chose to. The book then acted as a transitional object between home and nursery helping Teddie feel more confident in her new environment.

When Natalie fell pregnant with her son she decided to use the same idea to make a book for Teddie preparing her for being an older sibling. Many people commented on how they wish they had had something similar for their eldest children which made her think she might be able to make similar books for other people. That is when she called upon Kirsten to help her design the beautiful Tales of Me.


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