Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids


Tales of Me Positive Affirmation Cards

These affirmation cards have been designed to help children form a positive relationship with themselves, their friends & their attitude to learning.

Using positive affirmation cards on a daily basis will encourage children to believe the statements they are reading as they gradually become a part of their subconscious belief system. Children will become more confident & resilient, enabling them to positively approach challenges throughout school and beyond!
Each pack contains 24 double sided cards with a thick, luxurious feel, colourful, eyecatching designs and rounded corners, and they measure 148 x 105mm.

Each card has an affirmation on one side, and on the other prompts to extend the conversation plus a space for you to stick a photo or drawing to celebrate their achievements.

How to use these cards:

*Encourage your child to choose one card each day and repeat it out loud together.

*Explain that the cards have magic powers that come true the more you say them.
*If your child is experiencing a specific challenge, choose a corresponding
card to help them think of ways to overcome the issue.

*Use the prompts on the reverse of the card to extend the
conversation. Remember, there are no wrong or right answers.
Add a photograph or drawing to celebrate their achievements.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch talesofmebooks@gmail.com

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kiera A
Amazing cards

Great cards, so pleased with them.


Thank you so much for creating SO beautiful and POSITIVE CARDS..! In the time that we are living I think it is IMPERATIVE to teach our children about LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY, HAPPINESS and HOPE... I think they have had a tough time the past 2 years and NOW we as parents need to work harder to help them to see a BRIGHTER FUTURE!!! I would give you feedback to create MORE booklets where children can express VALUES of LOVE, GRATITUDE, HOPE, JOY etc... I would BUY ANY BOOK THAT PROMOTE these sort of things, same as the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.. Perhaps it could be a series of books where they can draw, include photos and express positive emotions though words or art. Just some ideas :) but I have to say I REALLY LOVE YOUR WORK THANK YOU.!!!

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