The Tale of Starting School Book


This award-winning book helps positively prepare children for starting school.

The Tale familiarises children with their new school and routines before they begin by taking and sticking in their own photographs, colouring and filling in the blanks. By personalising their own book the story becomes about each child’s unique experience of starting school making them easily relate to the changes ahead.

The Tale answers many questions children have such as;

Who will my teacher be? What does my classroom look like? Where will I eat lunch? Who will take me to school and pick me up?

Once complete the book makes sure that children are ready to start, ready to learn and most importantly ready to have fun and enjoy school! The book’s thoughtful design means the Tale also becomes a treasured keepsake that safely holds memories of a special time.

Why not add 'The Tale of My School Adventures' to your order so you can keep all their memories of primary school together in one beautiful book!

You can get started right now by using our helpful list of photographs in our ‘Downloads’ list (HERE) that you’ll need to have for when your Tale arrives!

(Book dimensions W21cm x H21cm x D2.5cm)

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

Lovely quality and great to prepare little ones for starting school! My daughter loves it :)

Emma Stevens
Lovely book

Bought one for my daughter and one as a gift and they are beautiful. Full of gorgeous little details for us to help settle at school but also to keep as a memento. Highly recommend

Karina Redfern
made my daughters day

fast delivery, lovely graphics looking forward to filling it in

Sarah Joyce

So excited to start using this with my little one! Great for starting conversations and preparing your child for such a big transition

Fabulous resource helped prepare for school soooo much.

Fabulous resource and a beautiful thing to have in the future such bright and fun artwork too.

We started this with our son about a week before he started school. I recommend you order it in good time and not during postal strikes - leaving it til last minute super stressed me out! However doing it a week or 2 before seemed the right amount of time before.

I printed out loads of photos in advance (see the printable for what you need), note the spaces are quite small but we enjoyed cutting up our 6x4 photos to size and sticking them in.

I was a bit nervous about asking his teacher for so many photos but she was very happy to oblige and even thanked me for helping him through the transition. I suppose from their point of view the better a child is prepared the easier it is for them.

We filled it in over 2 or 3 sessions and have read it over a few more times. This combined with the teacher sending some videos of the classroom helped so much. My son went from ‘interested’ he said but rather unsure to super excited and I think this is mostly due to the chats we had around filling this book in.

Originally I wasn’t sure if I needed this and thought I could just do our own scrapbook. But it is so much better than what I could have done and includes bits that worries the children that you would never think of - like what do the toilets look like, where will I eat my lunch etc.

He started school feeling really excited (still nervous at the gate but he is super shy in new situations). Within 3 days that has already got better. We have been through it since starting school and have written a list of the photos we need to print off to finish it.

Note there is a section for photos for children that are coming from nursery with them to school. Unfortunately he went up on his own so we will put some pictures of his friends in those slots once he has made some.

Throughly wonderful product. Will be recommending it to everyone with children about to start school. Will definitely be buying another for my youngest for when the time comes.

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