The Tale of Going Back to Nursery & Pre-School (After the COVID-19 Lockdown)


Welcome to this Free & Downloadable, Special Edition Tales of Me Book!

Like all our other Tales, the aim of The Tale of Going Back to Nursery & Pre-School, is to positively prepare children for times of change through the power of personalisation.
We hope that this unique Tale will help children confidently return to Nursery & Pre-School after the COVID-19 lockdown by helping them understand how their Nursery & Pre-School life will be different and most importantly, how it will remain familiar.
For top tips on how to fill in your Tale click on this link.
If you already have one of our Tales then the pages of this free download have been designed to be the same size so that you can add them into your Tale.
Or, feel free to get as creative as you like with putting your book together!

 *This is a free download at checkout you will not be required to put in your payment details, only your name & email is needed. Once you have 'purchased' the book then you will be sent an email with the link to download the Tale.

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