How to use your Tales of Me Book

How to use your Tales of Me Book

Welcome to your Tales of Me book.

We hope that you all have a lot of fun making, using & reading your book and that your Tale helps prepare you and your child for whichever exciting event lies ahead for you.

Here are our Top Tips on how to use your Tales of Me book in order to get the most out of it:
  • You will need: photographs, adhesive (e.g. glue stick, glue dots, washi tape), coloured pencils, writing pens or pencils.
  • Make taking pictures for the book an adventure from the start. Can your child  take some of the pictures by themselves? Or maybe they can choose their favourites from a selection you have taken for them?
  • Can you download any of the images directly from a website? For example a picture of your child's new school for The Tale of Starting School.
  • Print your pictures 6cm x 6cm (2.3 x 2.3 inch). For our favourite printing companies head to our FAQ's page for more information.
  • Set aside the time to get sticking and adding the photographs. Is your child able to help write any of the notes independently yet? Look out for the spaces they can fill and pictures that they can colour.
  • Once the book is complete read it whenever your child wants to!

Don’t be disheartened if your child doesn’t want to read their Tale as often as you might want them to. In times of change, children respond in many different ways. The best thing that you can do is to follow their lead and go at their own pace. You and their book will be there for them when they indicate that they are ready to process the significant event that is taking place in their world.

Enjoy your adventure!



    Due to privacy issues, please ensure that you have the permission to take pictures. Please ensure that they do not include other children in them. This is especially true when working on The Tale of Going to School.

    (If your school will not allow you to take your own photographs, we are sure that they would be more than happy to take photographs for you.)


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