All About Affirmation Cards

All About Affirmation Cards

"...if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams."   

Roald Dahl

We have re-designed & re-launched our fabulous Tales of Me affirmation cards!

There is lots of talk about school readiness in the run up to children starting primary school.

Many people focus on a child’s ability to ‘do stuff,’ & to ‘know things’. And of course there are lots of ‘stuff & things’ that are important. But they are only a fraction of the story.

At Tale of Me we wholeheartedly believe that school readiness should mainly focus on a child’s social and emotional wellbeing.

In order to effectively learn and be 'succesful' at school, children need to form a positive relationships with themselves, with others and with the process of learning. That means building confidence in their abilities & also building a resilience to making mistakes. After all, mistakes are an integral part of learning.

If a child gets hung up on getting things right first time and becomes unhappy or anxious when they make mistakes, then they will begin to shut down and not be receptive to learning.

(I used to tell the children in my Reception class that I loved it when they made mistakes because it meant that I got to do my job and teach the bits they didn’t yet know. We celebrated mistakes positively. I used to try and make them laugh because when a child is happy and laughing, they are more receptive to learning.)

This is where affirmation cards can be powerful tools to curate this positive attitude to learning and also to the social aspect of school too. If a child is struggling socially this will also have a negative impact on learning and their outlook on their experience and approach to school.

Our box of affirmation cards contains 24 colourful statements designed to help children with their social and emotional wellbeing. Try choosing a card each day and read out loud with your child a couple of times. (If your child is facing a particular challenge at school then try picking the card that is most relevant to the situation and use that one instead.) By regularly repeating positive statements out loud they begin to become part of your child’s subconscious belief system.

For example, if a child regularly repeats “I can’t,” to themselves when they face challenges then they are unlikely to succeed. Think of any professional sports person and then ask if they start a race, match or challenge repeating “I can’t do this,” or “I can do this”? Part of being an elite athlete is not only about training their body to be the best but also training their mind to think they are the best.

Help your child build confidence, resilience and a positive attitude to learning and life by getting your pack of affirmation cards here!

Natalie Talisman
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