'The Tale of Me & The New Baby'



Our award winning book ‘The Tale of Me & The New Baby,’ has been beautifully designed to personalise the journey of becoming an older sibling. 

Finding out that you’re going to be a big brother or big sister is a very exciting time in a child’s life but with all the anticipation, comes a lot of uncertainty.

By sticking in their own photographs & colouring & filling in the questions, children will develop a better understanding of what it means to be an older sibling.

The Tale answers many questions children may have such as; What do babies eat? Why do they cry? What will be different? What will stay the same? As well as containing top tips for families wondering how they will juggle another child.

Regularly reading their completed Tales of Me book will prepare children for their new role before the baby is born, ensuring a smoother transition for everyone in the family.

Once the Tale is complete it becomes a keepsake to treasure forever.

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