The Tale of Me & The New Baby



This award-winning book has been beautifully designed to personalise the journey of becoming an older sibling. 

By sticking in their own photographs & colouring & filling in the questions, children will develop a better understanding of what life will be like with a new baby around.

The Tale answers many questions children may have such as;

What do babies eat? Why do they cry? What will be different? What will stay the same? As well as containing top tips for families on how to juggle life with another child.

Regularly reading their completed Tales of Me book will prepare children for their new role as an older sibling, creating a bond before the baby is even born. & ensuring a smoother transition for everyone in the family.

The book’s thoughtful design means the Tale becomes a treasured keepsake that safely holds memories of a special time.

(Book dimensions W21cm x H21cm x D2.5cm)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Ashmead
Lovely gift

I bought this for my sister and nephew to do together on preparation for the new arrival - both she and I were delighted with it, it's such a lovely book to work through together and will make a wonderful keepsake to look back on in years to come

Elly Bramford

We bought this for our niece who was a little nervous about becoming a big sister. She loves the pictures and is so excited to fill it all in, especially the pages for when the baby arrives!

Kate. F.
Fantastic book, beautifully designed

I’m really looking forward to using this book with my 3 year old before our next baby arrives. It’s beautifully designed and really well thought through. I think it’ll be much better preparation and nicer than any of the standard story books I’ve seen, and such a lovely keepsake for when they’re older, too!

Zara S
Beautiful and Useful Book

I am delighted with my copy of The Tale of Me & The New Baby. Reading it for the first time brought tears to my eyes. The content is charming and well thought out. The illustrations are lovely. I'm sure it will help my son understand and cope with becoming a big brother.

Perfect family activity

This book is so beautiful and has been the perfect way to spark conversation about the new baby with my two daughters. It has really helped them to prepare for something they couldn’t really imagine!

They loved seeing photos from when they were babies, and as I didn’t actually get round to doing any sort of memory book for them this is now be a perfect record for all three of them!!

It is so easy to use and the list of photos needed to complete it was really useful. Thank you so much!

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