Journey to School Map

Journey to School Map

At Tales of Me HQ we love finding ways to help children positively soar through big changes. It is our mission to find ways of getting them involved in the process, to help them better understand what will be happening, to help them excitedly engage with the changes and feel a part of them.


Recently a friend of mine messaged me about her son starting school, and she mentioned some of the things that were concerning him. One of the things he had told her was that he was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find her way to the school to pick him up at home time.


It reminded me again how many little elements are actually involved in big changes for children. They can attach their uncertainty to any part of the process and sometimes it isn’t the obvious ones.

So, I had an idea. It’s always advisable to time your journey to school, (so that you can plan a new morning routine), but this time I suggested practicing the journey to school and creating a visual aid, like a map, together. I suggested taking pictures of things they see along the way to add to it; for example, the bus stop, the supermarket etc. After making the map they could use it a couple of times over the summer together. Then, when it comes to his first day of school, he’ll know that his Mum has a map that ‘really works,’ and she won’t get lost when it is time to collect him at the end of the day.

After our chat I realised that I quite liked the idea of making one with my daughter Teddie. I know that any fun activity to help prepare children for school can only be beneficial. That is why we have designed a template of a map for you to download for anyone who may be worrying about the journey to school; or being picked up on time at the end of the day; or, like me and Teddie, for anyone who just wants to have a bit of fun to help prepare for September.


If you would like to make your own then click here to download your free map!

Natalie Talisman
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